Nancy Crow por Nancy Crow, Jean Robertson

December 13, 2019

Nancy Crow por Nancy Crow, Jean Robertson

Titulo del libro: Nancy Crow

Autor: Nancy Crow, Jean Robertson

Número de páginas: 324 páginas

Fecha de lanzamiento: June 1, 2006

ISBN: 1933308036

Editor: Breckling Press

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Nancy Crow, Jean Robertson con Nancy Crow

World-renowned quilter Nancy Crow's work is presented for a general audience for the first time in this volume. Divided into nine major quilt series, the book shows not only the diversity and dynamism of Crow's work, but also many of the artifacts and places that inspired her. With excerpts from her journals and sketch books combined with side panels that track important events in her life, this book also gives insight into how Crow's thinking and art evolved after major events in her life. Many of the featured quilts have never before been photographed.