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My Last Post
« on: May 09, 2018, 11:21:38 PM »
As the title says this is my final post on the forum.

Sadly Iíve decided that Iíve done everything I can to generate interest and activity, and keep things positive on the forum, but itís just not working so itís time for me to go. As Iíve said so many times before the forum is what the members make it, and my actions and efforts donít seem to be producing results. So Iíve decided that from now on Iíll just concentrate on enjoying my biking and leave others to do the same.

When I started the forum four and a half years ago there were high hopes for it and it became popular pretty quickly. Thanks and credit goes to Viv for the great effort he put in to help me get it established, what a character he was, heís greatly missed. However for whatever reasons the forum has become stagnant and nothing I try to do makes any differenceÖ the members have spoken.

It hasnít always been a smooth road and itís taken a lot of time and effort but Iíve always tried to be a fair admin, Iíve not taken sides and Iíve tried my best to keep the peace in times of differences of opinion. Iíve always put the good of the forum above any one individual. Thatís made me unpopular with some people at times but it goes with the territory of being an admin, itís not an easy job to do. However itís time I now looked after myself for a change.

I donít regret having started the forum as Iíve met a lot of great people here, made a lot of friends that will stay friends, and had some great rideouts. The forum has had a lot of great characters on it over the years and itís been an experience and leaves a lot of memories. Itís not easy leaving something youíve created and run for so long but itís just that time. Iíd like to thank everyone for your support which has always been appreciated.

I wonít post again after this but if anyone wants to stay in touch just message me and we can exchange contact details, Iíll check my PMís periodically for this. 

The forum will continue without an admin until the licence expires in November, at which point it will automatically shut down. If anyone has thoughts on keeping it going beyond that PM me and I can let you know the costs and work youíll be taking on. I'll leave the Dragon Bikers facebook page running as well until the forum shuts down.

So everyoneÖ just get out and enjoy your riding and whatever happens ride safe and look after yourselves, remember weíre all bikers, we just enjoy it in our different ways. If bikers can't get on with bikers what hope do we all have.



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