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Cadwell Park Race #2 2018
« on: May 18, 2018, 11:10:58 AM »
Only ever been here once and hated it. Arrived on Friday afternoon and set up gazebo. Team Uplands had 4 bikes racing in total all in the same category so no pressure!!
Saturdays race finished 7th in class and improved lap times from 10 years ago when last been there, with an 8 sec a lap improvement- 208 down to 2 min flat. Goal set for the weekend was a 155 lap which is a respectable time around there on an old 600. Morning race was a drying track on dry tyres. Managed to catch and stay with the front pack off the lights for 1/2 lap, then ambition outweighed ability when I missed my braking marker on the gooseneck and ran over the grass- back on track then onto the grass the other side, kept the bike upright and rejoined in dead last! Made up 6 places on the next lap until race was red flagged on that lap.
Restart was good and managed another 7th in class with a best lap of 156 !!
Final race of the weekend and targeted  a rider who was 2 sec a lap quicker and 2 rows in front on the grid to get a tow. Got an awesome start and took him going up the hill  into the first bend. Kept in front of him all race and beat him by 5 seconds over the line and best lap of 155.4 happy days

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Re: Cadwell Park Race #2 2018
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Considering you hated it you did quite well!
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