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Re: Who's Who ?
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Have you got a tar arn?

'Course ah got  tar ahrns. Fer crissakes, ah gots the whole set. How else ya gonna change a tar? Now 'n 'gin ah use it fur pullin' the bob whar ur wedg'in this or that what needs it. Good fur smackin' upside a haid when ya gotta open a can a whupass.

Y'all got to unnerstan mah Daddy's from Texas and mah Mama's hillfolk from down the hollers in th' Ozarks in Missouri. Ah reckon you's t' mosey down t'either they's folks talk ye'd never. Na'morn'n ye'd ken Mun Daddy off'n Stella.

<Remember we've got more'n a few accents--not so many as the UK/Ireland but a few. That ^ is hybrid southern hillbilly redneck>
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Re: Who's Who ?
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It's good to know they have a good set of uses!
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